Jennifer Kirk BA, BN, RN, EFLP

Jennifer Kirk BA ,BN, RN,  EFLP ​is the founder of Dragonfly Meadows - offering Equine Facilitated Learning  workshops  for RN"S, LPN"S and CTA"S and other professional caregivers.

Jennifer is  a  practicing Registered Nurse with 17 years experience. As a RN who has worked the majority of her career in critical care, she knows all too well the challenges of professional caregivers.. Through out her career, she has become aware of how the changes in the health care system have impacted nurses, and other professional caregivers: increased workload, low morale, high turnover rates, increased violence against caregivers, dissatisfaction with the working environment, friction between nurses and management  are pervasive in the health care system today.

Jennifer wanted to combine her love of horses and the  nursing profession.  and  help nurses and others in the caring professions understand and work though the unique stressors of their career. She is a certified Equine Learning Professional through PRO-EFW ( Canada), and has been providing workshops since 2014. 

Group sizes are small and  Interactions with the horses are on the ground, there is no riding.

" I love that it wasn't just listening to a lecture"

- LH Alberta